Commercial flooring installation vs. residential: the difference

Commercial flooring installation vs. residential: the difference

At Port Jeff Custom Carpet and Flooring, we work with homeowners, builders, and commercial property managers.  We often hear things like "flooring is flooring," but that's not true for commercial needs, and they are different, with needs separated according to industry.  For example, a medical office might prioritize hygienic flooring installation, while an advertising office will look for both function and style. If you have questions, come to our flooring company in Port Jefferson Station, NY.

Commercial products

In some cases, there are commercial grades, such as carpet, which is a low pile, making it more durable and easier to clean. These rugs are available in a large assortment of colors, patterns, and styles, making them stylish enough for residential use. Laminate has an AC (Abrasion Criteria) system, from 1 to 5, which determines strength.  As the numbers increase, so does the durability, and AC5 is meant for heavy commercial usage.

Some products, such as luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) and waterproof flooring, can be used for residential or commercial use.  LVF is a favorite among restaurant designers because of the style, waterproof capabilities, durability, and affordability.  Waterproof flooring is a newer version of LVF, engineered to be even thicker and more durable with cores that won't peel or ripple ever, no matter how much water it's exposed to or for how long.

Cork for medical offices

Cork flooring is one of the most hygienic products, ideal for medical offices where hygiene is essential. It resists mold, termites, and mildew and is so durable that it can withstand the highest foot traffic level. It is entirely natural, harvested from trees, and has a warm, natural look with an antique patina. This patina can resemble hardwood, concrete, or marble. If the cork is sealed, you can have it installed almost anywhere.

Whether you need information on a residential or commercial flooring installation, visit the Port Jeff Custom Carpet and Flooring Showroom in Port Jefferson Station, NY, serving Long Island, Jefferson Station, Terryville, and Mt. Sinai. Be sure to ask about our free quote.