Guide to carpet styles

Guide to carpet styles

We all want beautiful carpeting that looks, feels, and performs well for a long time, and one of the many benefits of this floor covering is the sheer amount of styles available. There's something for everyone and every budget, but it's important to remember that you need to find the right type to work with your lifestyle and installation. The rug you fell in love with at your neighbor's may not be suitable for your particular needs.

Berbers and level loops: How it all begins

You’ll hear the word “pile” a lot in the carpet store, which refers to how the fibers are attached to the backing. For example, Berbers and Level Loops have an uncut, looped pile, and both are strong, durable, and great for highly trafficked floors.

Looped piles remain that way or can be further cut into various heights, with the most basic cut-pile having short, evenly cut fibers, a kind of fuzzy look, and suitability for all levels of foot traffic.

Saxony: Iconic with two versions

Most people think of this when they hear the word "Saxony." It has yarns a little longer than the basic cut-pile and comes in a plush version called Saxony Straight with a soft, velvety feeling and densely packed fibers that go in one direction. This "one direction only" will show footprints and vacuum marks, so it is best for low-traffic rooms like the bedroom. Saxony Texture (or "Trackless") has fibers going in all directions so that it won't show marks, and it is suitable for all types of rooms.

High, low, and cut and loop styles

Shag: This has long, loose fibers and requires TLC to clean. Therefore, it's best for low-traffic rooms.

Frieze: This has longer fibers twisted so tightly they curl, giving it a more casual look. This durable rug is perfect for family and game rooms.

Low pile: This type of rug has short, tightly woven fibers. It is easiest to clean and is considered more durable. You'll often see them in busy offices.

Cut and loop: Varied fiber heights create patterns like pin-dots and geometrics.

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